Regulations of the Court

Regulations of The Verderers of the New Forest Relating to the Courts of Swainmote for the Dispatch of Administrative and Judical Business as Provided for in Section 24 of The New Forest Act 1877 as amended.

Regulations of the Court

Statement of Practice – Responding to presentments

 This document is an addendum to the Verderers Regulations, but does not form part of them.

The Verderers receive presentments on a variety of topics. These are usually made in Open Court[1]. Depending on the content and nature the Verderers respond in a number of different ways. The purpose of this statement of practice is to set out how the Verderers will normally respond to different types of presentments.

[1] During the restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-2021) it has not been possible to hold Open Courts and presentments have been received by letter or email and considered in by the Court sitting in Committee.

Responding to Presentments