Stallion Areas and Turnout Dates 2024


As with all livestock our strong advice to Forest visitors is to keep a good distance away from the stallions as they go about their duties and gather a herd.  In particular, we advise horse…

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Agisters Areas

Some Agisters’ Areas are Changing

As from the 1st January 2024, some of the Agisters’ areas have altered. 

The areas affected by the changes are covered by Mike Lovell, Mike Maton and Peter Rix.  Jonathan Gerrelli’s and Robert Maton’s areas…

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Strangles – A guide for horse owners and visitors

STRANGLES & THE NEW FOREST   A guide for horse owners in the New Forest and visitors considering bringing their horses with them on holiday   From time to time an outbreak of strangles occurs in the semi-feral New Forest…

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