Marking Fee Increase January 2023


Marking fees have remained at the same level since 2012 and I am sorry to have to announce that, with the exception of pigs, there will be an increase in marking fees for all other animals next year.


Marking fees for 2023 will be as follows:

Ponies, Cattle and Donkeys on the Forest £26.00 per head

Ponies & Donkeys on the Commons £13.00 being ½ of the Forest marking fee

Cattle on the Commons £3.25 being 1/8 of the Forest marking fee

Sheep on the Forest £10.00

Sheep on the Commons £5.00

Pigs on the Forest £4.00

Pigs on the Commons £2.00 per head

Please remember that marking fees are due from the 1st January. Under our Byelaws, the deadline for payment of all marking fees for continuously depastured animals is 31st March.

If not paid by 31st March, you will not be eligible to join the Verderers Grazing Scheme.  Marking fees for animals which are not continuously depastured are due before the animals are turned out.  It is the responsibility of commoners to volunteer payment of marking fees, not the responsibility of the Agister to chase you for them.